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Here are a few examples of exterior painting work:

Call (248) 206-8862 for High Quality Exterior Painting Service

Exterior painting for any size home and its workmanship is second to none. Every home is power washed, prepped and primed where needed before any paint is applied. All materials and trash will be cleaned-up and disposed of by us. We can also help you choose and coordinate colors that suite your needs and we'll even work with your HOA for color approvals. We can match any color you like from any paint manufacturer.

Keys to Exterior Painting

One of the easiest ways to freshen up a place is to paint the interior. However, for many people painting the inside of a home or commercial building can turn into a nightmare of paint that splatters all over the place and

If you want to improve or even change the outside appearance of your home, outside of doing major landscaping work, painting the exterior is pretty much the way to do it.

Some people want to do it when they first buy their home. Others do it just before selling it. Some people do it shortly before winter, if they’re worried about the paint condition getting worse as the weather also gets worse. If your paint is starting to peel from your wood or aluminum siding, it’s probably time to repaint the outside.

Also, a good coat of exterior paint helps protect your home or building from the nasty weather elements, like rain, snow, or sleet. Without a proper coat of paint on the outside of your home or building, cracks can start to form on the walls.

There are people who just want a change, and that’s okay, too. Maybe they saw something on one of those TV shows that made them decide to paint the outside of their home. Perhaps, they are just sick of looking at the same color of their home when they pull into their driveway. There is a chance that, once someone else on their block starts to get some exterior painting service, it might trigger ideas for them to do the same.

Make sure that the painter you hire uses a high quality exterior paint, just like a professional painter should. It’s important to use 100% acrylic latex paint. This type of paint is not the cheapest, but the color will last longer and hold up against the elements much better. Also, it sticks to most painting surfaces, meaning it will stay and not peel or bubble so quickly (as cheaper exterior paints might and often do). The type of painting surface (stucco, wood, aluminum, etc.) will affect how long the paint job lasts, but better quality paint leads to better exterior painting results and satisfaction. Use an exterior grade acrylic paint.

Oil-based paint last longer and is more resistant, but it is also high in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is harmful to the environment. They affect air quality and our lungs as we paint and live near. According to This Old House, “Federal regulations limit the amount of VOCs to 250 grams per liter in exterior flats and 380 in glossier coatings.”

It’s also important to make sure that the old exterior paint is being stripped safely. On homes built prior to 1978, the paint could very well contain lead, and extra safety steps have to be done.

A professional painter who truly wants to take pride in his (or her) service will spend time properly preparing the outside painting surfaces. Paint will stick to clean, smooth surfaces better. This means scraping, wash the exterior surface to get rid of mildew and dirt. Sand down the painting surface. Replace any rotten wood (if applicable). Fill any divots and holes. Clean, smooth surfaces make for better quality exterior paint jobs that last longer.

Call (248) 206-8862 for High Quality Exterior Painting Service